Tips for Concealment

Top Coat in Tree

Tip One: Wear the right clothes

Tip Two: Don’t move

I’ve grown tired of sitting on the lower branches of my tree acting civilized in case I am spotted.  The thrill of being in a tree is being above ground.  Not inches but feet, yards is even better.

When I approached the tree, the idea of lounging on the lowest branch wouldn’t suit.  It was too sunny, and I hadn’t enjoyed the squirrels’ view in months.

Unable to resist, I climbed boot to hand into my comfy perch.  I am entirely visible.  And yet, the afternoon shadows play tricks on the eyes.  And students and staff are usually not looking in any direction save the pavement or their phones.  How could they miss a woman sitting in a tree?  You’d be surprised how many people never look up.

Having secured my favorite spot, I pressed my boot to the branch and lay my chest to the thick upper limb.   I peered down through the branches (I’ll guess 15 feet to dusty earth) and listened to the robins. Spending 5 minutes in a tree enables one to identify common bird calls.  Here I am with the robins motionless in my tree.  I am in joy.

I remove my topcoat and boot and place them in my sitting spot.  As a child, I loved the Highlights Magazine Seek and Find section.  I created my own.  Find the coat and the boot.

  • Notice their stillness
  • Notice how they blend
  • Imagine a human wearing these items
  • Imagine 5 minutes in tree not moving
  • Imagine five minutes well spent
Top Coat and Boot
Self-Portrait #1


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